Seizure of a letter with bullets to the President of the Madrid Region

The Spanish postal service confiscated a letter with bullets die President of the Right Region of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, shared die Spanish government on Tuesday after leftist politicians received similar threats.

These threatening messages were in the middle of the election campaign for die Local elections in Mailed Madrid on May 4th. Isabel Diaz Ayuso is die Favorite die wins the ballot.

The government said in a statement: “The Post Security Services of the Distribution Center in Sant Cugat (Catalonia, northeast) have confiscated a letter with two bullets addressed to the president of the Madrid region. “

The statement added that die post in Vallecas, an area south of Madrid, discovered “another letter with four bullets to the General Command of the Civil Guard”.

The police are investigating these incidents, die were “strongly condemned” by the government.

The Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez wrote in a tweet: “We are neither tolerant nor complicit in violence and the spread of hatred. We Democrats will not tolerate this. We express our firm condemnation and strong opposition to these acts.”

Last weekend, Interior Minister Fernando Grande Marlaska, the leader of Podemos (radical left), Pablo Iglesias, and received die Civil Guard Commander Maria Gamiz, letters containing death threats and bullets from an assault rifle used by the Spanish Army between the 1960s and 1980s.

Ayusu denounced die political attitudes of the left for these threats and spoke of the “circus”.

The Minister of Tourism in Pedro Sanchez’s government, Reyes Maruto, received an envelope with a “blood-stained knife” on Monday, but according to all Spanish media it became clear that a mentally ill person was the sender.

Menacing messages sparked this domestic campaign when die Left, backwards in Survey, in the polls on their fight against die extreme right focused.

On Friday, Pablo Iglesias left a radio program when the far right Vox party’s candidate Rossio Monasterio, die Validity of threats in Question asked.

Demanded on Tuesday die Socialists die Form a “Healthy Chain” to Prevent Fox in die Regional government enters at a time in the Ayusu, according to opinion polls, possibly die Support the extreme right needed to attend die Power to arrive.

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