Seizure of bank balances for violations of the highway code in Saudi Arabia . in this case

The Saudi Interior Ministry, represented by the General Traffic Department, said that in implementation of royal decree no. (M / 86) and of the date of 14 Ramadan 1443 AH, which provides for the modification of article (75) of the traffic system, the reservation will take place, according to the mechanism that will be announced in following in coordination with the competent authorities, in coordination with competent authorities, and direct implementation of current account balances for traffic violations.

He adds that this is the case in who do not pay the penalties deriving from such violations within the term of 15 days after the expiry of the deadline for opposing the violation, which is set in 30 days pursuant to paragraph (1) ofart. 90) days to pay the fine, within the aforementioned first term.

The ministry has confirmed that violations that are not subject to confiscation and direct enforcement will be announced, as well as checks and procedures to spread the payment of the fine value for a violation, reducing its value by no more than 25% of its minimum value. , according to the Saudi news agency “SPA”.

It called on citizens and residents to respect road traffic rules and not to commit traffic violations in order to achieve the objectives of the traffic system which aims to preserve public safety by reducing traffic cause which lead to traffic accidents and the resulting people and material damage.

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