Selected jury in Ghislaine Maxwell process

A total of 12 jurors, plus six alternatives have been selected for Ghislaine Maxwell’s New York Trial on allegations of sex trafficking, over two years after his co-accused Jeffrey Epstein’s in-jail suicide.

Maxwell, a former fiancée of the late billionaire, is accused of having been an accomplice in Epstein’s sexual abuse of underage girls. Multiple accusers alleged abuse by the hand of both Epstein and Maxwell, attending back to 1994.

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Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell speaks to the press for first    time since arrest

Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell speaks to the press for first time since arrest

The process, which should last about two weeks, I had trouble with the jury on Monday, when two jurors seemed to have cold feet. One indicated financial difficulties such as a reason for need step via, while another said their spouse had surprised them with a journey that made their stay necessary in feet down. The judge asked court officials to contact the first juror’s employer, and told al second to find other dates for their vacation.

The prosecution alleges that Maxwell provided transportation to Epstein’s properties for the girls he knew were minors. The late financier was found dead in in New York prison cell while it was in awaiting trial on allegations of sexual abuse in August 2019. The cause of death was later registered as a suicide.

Interest in Maxwell’s trial is skyrocketing, given her and Epstein’s connections to numerous celebrities, and senior British Royal and several influential politicians.

But has already got its fair share of critics, with lot of pointing questioningly to the involvement of former FBI Director James Comey’s daughter Maurene as one of the three lead prosecutors. A further issue come in for the criticism was a previous court decision to obscure some prove and transcripts on the reasons would only serve to satisfy a “craves for what is sensational and impure ”.

Maxwell has denied any wrongdoing and her lawyers have described her as a person … “commit” rather than acting as Epstein’s accomplice.

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