Senator Risch: Al Houthi did die Help taken from school children

Republican Senator Jim Risch and a prominent member of the Foreign Relations Committee intervened die Confiscation of United Nations humanitarian aid to school children die Houthi militia. He accused die Houthis to be starved and die Despising the interests of the people under their control.

“The Houthis’ decision to seize aid to school children in Yemen is appalling,” he said in a tweet adding that she die Reflects contempt and disregard for the well-being and personal advancement of the thousands, die live under their effective control.

He continued, “This aid must be unloaded and distributed immediately.”

Previously the World Food Program had die Houthi militia in Yemen asked to die Food aid, die die population in urgently needed to no longer divert to the areas they control.

According to a survey by the United Nations Organization die Residents of the capital Sana’a did not receive any allocated rations from aid.

The World Food Program says there are trucks die Transporting loads of food illegally from their sales areas and that food rations are publicly sold in the markets or given to people die are not authorized to obtain them.

The World Food Program stated that die Food aid misappropriation revealed by a study die in in the past few months after numerous reports of food sales in Sana’a markets were received.

Studies have shown that, according to the UN agency, a local organization, die For die Distribution of food is responsible, is involved in the theft. The local organization is affiliated with the Ministry of Education controlled by Houthi.

“This behavior amounts to stealing food from the mouths of the hungry,” said World Food Program Executive Director David Beasley. He added: “At a time in of children in Yemen are dying because they do not have enough to eat as a result of these crimes die Continuing this criminal behavior, stop immediately. “

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