Senior officers from the US Central Command visited Tel Aviv for 3 days

Senior executives and U.S. Central Command staff visited their Israeli military counterparts in Tel Aviv last week to reaffirm their decade-long partnership and explore ways to deepen security ties. in all over the Middle East.

Participants said the three-day discussions were consistent in a series of meetings to discuss issues such as exercises, defense agreements and common security issues.

The visit was the first executive-level inspection visit since the US military reorganized Israel from US European command to US central command in September 2021, according to organizers.

The move, directed as part of the presidency-approved 2020 Unified Command Plan, better aligns the structures of the Department of Defense and the Department of State, preserves Israel’s existing partnerships with European allies, and opens up opportunities to expand ties of defense with partners in Middle East, officials said.

For his part, the Israeli air force commander said the new relationship with the US central command is “strong and in continues growth “. While US Air Force General Greg Gilo said:” Cooperation in security issues with both the IDF and other regional partners has expanded and developed over the past year, in particularly with the changing threats in the region, as well as the change in the approach taken by the leadership together with the regional partners to address these challenges “.

“Problems such as countering the threat of unmanned aircraft systems and integrating air and missile defense capabilities are too complex for a single country to address,” he added.

The commander in chief of the United States Navy in Middle East said Israeli security relations have also extended to naval cooperation.

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