Sentenced to (3) Iranians, including a woman, for gouging out an eye

The Iranian judiciary ordered the eyes to go out of two men and a woman, condemning them for having beheaded their victims, a local newspaper reported today.

The newspaper, “Hamshahri” of the municipality of Tehran, reported that the three were sentenced “to tear out an eye on the basis of the pay per eye for an eye. in three distinct cases “, without specifying the date of its issue.

The “eye for an eye” rule in the Iranian judicial system can be invoked in murder cases, provided that the victim’s family formally requests its implementation.

According to the newspaper, the first case involves a young woman who lost her neighbor’s eye after throwing acid at her following a dispute in 2011.

The court decided to gouge out the detainee’s right eye, imprison her and impose a fine on her, and the sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court of Iran.

The second case involves a man who stabbed a relative and lost his eye in 2017, and the third a person who caused a friend’s left eye to lose sight in 2018 due to a gunshot wound with an eye. hunting weapon.

Hamshahri indicated that “these files were presented to the Tehran criminal prosecutor’s office to prepare for the execution of the sentence”.

And the judicial authorities of the Islamic Republic had already issued such sentences in previous phases, with passages criticized by international human rights organizations.

Amnesty International, commenting on the 2015 ruling on the blinding of the eyes, considered that “the infliction of cruel and inhumane punitive punishments is not in no fair way “and is” a form of corporal punishment prohibited by international law “.