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Seoul: North Korea has launched a projectile that could be a ballistic missile


On Saturday, North Korea fired an unidentified bullet into the Sea of ​​Japan, the South Korean joint chief of staff said.

The Japanese army and the media South Koreans claimed the bullet was a ballistic missile.

South Korea and Japan said North Korea launched a ballistic missile into the sea off its east coast Wednesday after Pyongyang pledged to develop its nuclear forces “at the fastest rate possible”.

And Galina Porter, deputy spokesperson for the US State Department, said on Friday that US assessments indicate that North Korea is preparing the site of the test Punggye-ri nuclear power plant and that it may be ready to conduct a test nuclear power there at the latest this month.

North Korea recently stepped up i test on arms and took over i test on intercontinental ballistic missiles quest’year for the first time since 2017.

North Korea has not tested a nuclear bomb since 2017, but US and South Korean officials have been saying for weeks that there are indications of new construction in Punggye-ri, the only site of test known nuclear power plants, and that North Korea may soon test another one.

The Bunge-ri site has been officially closed since 2018, and Porter’s statement that the site may be ready this month is more specific about a possible time for a testthe first recorded statement of its kind by a US official.

Last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed to accelerate the development of his country’s nuclear arsenal by participating in a massive military parade as denuclearization talks got stuck with the United States.

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