Seoul: Tense security situation amid talks about a possible test nuclear power plant of Pyongyang

New South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol said Wednesday that the security situation on the Korean peninsula is difficult, citing speeches about a possible test North Korean nuclear power.

According to a joint press report from the South Korean presidential office, Yoon made the comment during a meeting with ministers, urging officials to remain vigilant to better respond. in such situations.

The new president said: “The security situation is difficult and even many from the outside are worried, while there is talk of (North Korea) the resumption of test.

Yun entered in upload Tuesday in amid mounting tensions on the Korean peninsula, where North Korea is testing a range of new weapons, the last of which was just three days before its inauguration.

Also during the meeting, Yun said that price increases are the biggest problem for the economy, adding that the country’s economy is “in a very difficult situation “and that” they must review in comprehensively various indicators and continue to study ways to contain prices based on an analysis of the reasons for their rise. “

In his inaugural speech on Tuesday, Yoon Seok-yeol called on North Korea to “completely denuclearize”, warning that Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal posed a threat to global security.

Yun promised his northern neighbor that if he “truly engages in the complete denuclearization process,” he will come up with a “bold plan” to revive his economy.

Governor Yoon Seok-yeol was sworn in as President of South Korea for a five-year term, in a huge ceremony held in the National Assembly Square in the capital, Seoul.

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