Serbia reserves the seat and sends Portugal to annexation

Serbia has qualified for the finals of the World Cup, to be held in Qatar next year, after winning a fatal 2-1 victory over host Portugal on Sunday in the tenth (last) round of the first group stage of the European qualifiers for the World Cup.

Serbia is in lead the group, after bringing his score to 20 points, 3 points clear of their closest rival, Portugal, who now have to play the European playoffs.

Portugal scored in advance with Renato Sanchez in the second minute, before the Serbian team equalized with Dusan Tadic in the 33rd minute.

As everyone prepared for the end of the match with a 1-1 draw, which was enough for Portugal to qualify for the World Cup, Aleksandar Mitrovic (substitute) scored the goal of the deadly ascent for the Serbian side in the 90th minute. to lead his country to reach the World Cup and get his first victory in the history of his confrontations with Portugal.

Before today’s match, the two teams met in 7 games, with Portugal 3 wins and 4 draws, without Serbia having won any.

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