Seth Meyers Says Hunter Biden Conspiracies Are ‘Pizzagate All Over Again’ (Video)

” Late Night With Seth Meyers” was back on Monday after taking last week off, and Meyers came out swinging with a 13- minute edition of “A Closer Look” that attempted truly hard to sum up the insanity of the past week in the world of politics.

Meyers had a lot to cover in the sector, so it was later on when he got to the topic of Hunter Biden and an unwarranted New york city Post story that conservatives have actually breathlessly attempted to end up being a thing over the previous week. Snopes has a rather strong rundown of what we in fact know about that story, and possible ramifications.

” The president and his party are actively getting people sick. Trump and the GOP plainly do not care how many Americans die from this illness. They’re more upset about Twitter and facebook not letting them spread obvious bulls– about a New York Post story even the Post’s own reporters didn’t want to put their names on,” Meyers stated, buffooning the Republican fixation on that specious story.

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” The out-of- control pandemic that is when again rising throughout the nation and the financial suffering that features it are the stories that matter the bulkof And Trump and the GOP can’t just talk them away no matter how hard they attempt. That’s why they’re unraveling, triggering violence versus their oppositions and spinning wild conspiracy theories.

” Over the last couple of days Trump has consistently required Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Gretchen Whitmer, the guv of Michigan, to be thrown in prison, even after a conservative terrorist plot to abduct Whitmer was discovered. This weekend two of his most obsequious toadies drifted a psychotic and disgusting charge against Hunter Biden.”

” Late Night” then pulled up a clip of Fox News host Maria Bartiromo talking on Sunday with Ron Johnson. In the clip, Bartiromo supported some rather light-weight speculation that takes these Hunter Biden conspiracy theories to a brand name-new level.

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” There is analysis of the subpoena’s handwriting, and it suggests that the subpoena was served by an FBI representative whose name is Joshua Wilson, and over the last 5 years he has actually been dealing with child porn issues,” Bartiromo mentioned, prior to advising with no real evidence that possibly Hunter Biden is a pedophile.

Meyers was scared.

” These rotten, soulless husks are just doing Pizzagate all over once again, and they didn’t even have any brand-new information. They simply did a search and replace with Hunter Biden in for Hillary Clinton. I suggest, a minimum of punch it up a bit come on, it’s season 4. Include a wicked twin or a talking cat,” Meyers joked.

Pizzagate, in case you’re uninformed of it, was a Qanon precursor conspiracy theory about a group of political elites who were privately pedophiles who ran a kid sex trafficking ring out of the basement of a pizza parlor in Washington.

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” And you know, everyone’s focused on Wisconsin cheese turd Ron Johnson here, and appropriately so. But let’s not forget Maria Bartiromo, who is also a true crazy person. And you can simply distinguish the method she talks. She’s got that ambiance of an aunt who spends all her time checking out alien autopsies on internet message boards.”

As the “A Closer Appearance” waned, Meyers tried to amount up just what is going on today.

” The factor they’re trying to slime the Bidens is because they can’t in fact discuss Trump’s horrendous record. And now, with 2 weeks till the election, as millions of people line up to vote early and Biden expands his lead nationwide polls, the president has actually been as unpredictable as ever,” Meyers mentioned.

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” He’s cooking up a hare-brained plan with his Italian Dracula legal representative to spread disinformation about the Biden household calling for political opponents to be tossed in prison and inciting violence against the governor of Michigan, preparing for a sequel to Bush v Gore, asking suburban females to like him, threatening to leave the nation if he loses, suggesting on Twitter that Biden had the members of SEAL Team 6 killed after failing to kill Osama bin Laden– who is according to this theory still alive– and claiming the military has some sort of secret water weapon.”

That last sentence, in case you aren’t mindful, is a joke about Trump at a rally referring consistently to American “hydrosonic rockets.”

” We’re watching a deeply unsafe guy, supported by a deeply hazardous party, decipher at the possibility of losing power. They don’t appear to care who they hurt or who gets sick while doing so however it’s in our power to stop him by voting to repudiate him in overwhelming numbers.”

You can see the complete “A Closer Look” sector from Monday’s episode of “Late Night With Seth Meyers” in the video ingrained in this post.

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