Seth Meyers slams White Home’s ‘wicked and dumb’ reason for dropping its coronavirus testing strategy

By Amanda Yeo

The U.S. now accounts for nearly a quarter of all coronavirus deaths worldwide, with the country’s screening abilities still woefully ill-equipped to handle the pandemic. Now Vanity Fair has actually reported the White Home actually developed a worked together across the country screening strategy– nevertheless shelved it thinking the coronavirus would decrease, and that it was primarily impacting blue states anyways.

” So they had a nationwide screening strategy, then scrapped it so they might blame the entire thing on Democratic governors,” stated Late Night host SethMeyers


” Not just is that evil and silly, this is a transmittable disease. This infection has travelled all over the world, did they not understand it could take a trip to red states too? ‘It’s a perfect strategy! As long as no-one from New york city ever goes to Florida.'”

Thousands of Americans are actually dying, however in the meantime, President Donald Trump has actually focused his attention on prohibiting popular video-sharing app TikTok. Which is definitely considering that he’s concerned it shares user information with the Chinese government, and not impacted by being significantly trolled by teenagers on the app. Never ever mind that Facebook and Twitter share user information with federal governments.

“‘ And similarly, we’re looking extremely highly at Sugary Food Crush,'” specified Meyers in his drawling Trump impersonation. “‘ We do not want wrongdoers like the Jelly Queen and Cupcake Carl entering our country. Joe Biden does not have what it requires to stop the Bubblegum Troll. They’re not sending their best.'”

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