Several dead in fighting with the Myanmar army

At least 20 people were there on Saturday in in the Ayeyarwady River Delta region when junta forces clashed with villagers, local media and residents said, and there were reports of fighting in the north and east of the country.

Since her return on die Power on February 1 when, after a decade of democratic reforms, die the isolated Southeast Asian country for die Had opened the world die elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi deposed, takes action die Army made vigorous efforts to consolidate their control.

In many parts of the paralyzed country there are daily protests against die Junta while in the border areas against conflicts with armed ethnic groups die Junta broke out.

The clashes today, Saturday, extended to the Ayeyarwady Delta, which is an important rice-growing area and is home to a large part of the Bamar ethnic group, including many of the army. Also die Karen ethnic minority lives in the area.

Several dead in fighting with the Myanmar army

Farms in the Ayeyarwady Delta (archive)

A local resident told Reuters that it was in Kyungpiao, about 150 km northwest of Yangon, clashed before sunrise when soldiers arrested a man suspected of storing weapons when they were caught in a bomb explosion.

He added and bat about not being identified for fear of reprisals: “The people in the village have nothing but bows and arrows … and many of them have been killed or wounded.” According to the agency “Khet Thiet Media” and the language service “BBC” in Three people were killed in Myanmar today.

Took place on Thursday in Yangon held a peaceful anti-coup rally

A peaceful anti-coup rally was held in Yangon on Thursday

Said in a different context die Anti-Junta People’s Defense Force, she got up late Friday night in Cooperation with the Kachin Independence Army, die has been fighting for decades and is one of around 20 armed ethnic groups in the US, a police station in the north of the city of Shoigu attacked Myanmar.

In eastern Myanmar there were die People’s Defense Forces Moby acquainted with the army on Friday afternoon. It added that four “terrorist soldiers” were killed.

Since the protests against the coup began in Myanmar security forces have killed at least 845 people and detained more than 4,500, according to a Myanmar activist group. The military council doubts die Validity of these numbers.

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