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Severe Damage to Nova Kakhovka Dam and Widespread Flooding in Southern Ukraine: Who is Responsible? UN Holds Emergency Meeting

Floods and Dam Damage in Southern Ukraine

Widespread Flooding and Dam Collapse

Satellite images taken on Tuesday afternoon by the company “Maxar Technologies” showed widespread flooding in southern Ukraine and severe damage to the Nova Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric power plant in the region.

A vital dam on the Dnipro River in Parts of Ukraine’s now Russian-controlled Kherson region collapsed on Tuesday, flooding large parts of the city in first line.

It is still unclear which side was responsible for the dam explosion, as the Russian and Ukrainian sides exchanged allegations of blasting in air the dam.

UN Security Council Meeting

Kiev and Moscow exchanged accusations at the United Nations over responsibility for the catastrophic bombing of a dam in Ukraine, while the United States said on Tuesday it was “not sure” of the identity of the perpetrator, but ruled out that Ukraine would do so with its people and land.

The 15-member United Nations Security Council met on Tuesday at the request of Russia and Ukraine, after a heavy flood of water following the explosion of a huge dam on the Dnipro River separating the forces of the two countries in the south of Ukraine.

Extent of Damage

“Maxar” claimed that images of an area of more than 2,500 square kilometers between Nova Kakhovka and Dniprovskaya Bay, southwest of the Black Sea city of Kherson, show that many towns and villages have been flooded.

The images show houses and buildings submerged in water, e in many images only the roofs are visible, while water covers the gardens, grounds and infrastructure.

Blame Game

Ukraine says Russia committed a deliberate war crime by blowing up in air the Soviet-era dam.

The Kremlin has blamed Ukraine, saying it is trying to divert attention from launching a major counter-offensive that Moscow says is faltering.

The dam was damaged in November in following the withdrawal of Russia from Kherson.


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