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Shabab Al-Omran qualifies for the uphill qualifiers


Al-Omran Club Al-Ahsa youth football team qualified for promotional qualifiers for governorate and regional champions to qualify for the first rank for next sporting season – this came after his win on the brother Al-Rawda’s team with a clear goal scored by his shining star on the tape in the twentieth minute of the clash that brought the two teams together on the side of Hofuf’s Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Sports City stadium, in a match that saw a public presence, excitement and an exchange of attacks by the two teams during the two halves of the match Abdullah Al-Marihel – The team was represented by the two players:

Ali Al-Hassani, Hussein Al-Khalaf, Mahdi Haraba, Reda Haraba, Abdul-Mohsen Haraba, Muhammad Al-Suhaib, Ali Al-Sharib, Muhammad Al-Bweidi, Muhammad Al-Awfi, Akram Al-Khalaf, Hussein Al-Masoud , Sajjad Al-Rasheed, Jassim Al-Mraihel, Ali Al-Haddad, Taha Al-Ashour, Abdullah Al-Mushrif, Ali Al-Ahmad Shubar Al-Ahsa’i, Ahmad Al-Sahio, Hussein Al-Mohammed, Muhammad Al- Ali, Sadiq Haraba, Nasrallah Al-Ahmad, Abdullah Al-Shaye, Issa Abu Zaid, Mujtaba Al-Tamar, Abdullah Al-Salih, Mahdi Al-Wabari and Ahmed Al-Abdulwahab

Al-Omran lost only one match to Al-Rawda in the first round with an unanswered goal – and Al-Omran responded with the same in the second round, in light of which the team qualified for qualifiers, and he won the rest of the fights on stars 5-0 and 1-0

And at dawn 5-0 and 3-1

On the other hand, the Al-Omran Club first team continues its preparations to meet its counterpart and Qara’s visiting team in Al-Jouf on Saturday afternoon at the Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Sports City stadium in Al-Hofuf for the sixth round of the Saudi League for club third-grade – and Al-Omran enters the match while in fourth place.In his fourth group, he scored seven points, while his starting host was in last place in the team rankings in the group with two points.

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