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Shabwa A Houthi ballistician targets a house, killing 8 civilians


Today, Wednesday, eight civilians were killed and others injured, following the bombing of the Houthi militia with a ballistic missile that targeted the home of a local official in Asilan district, Shabwa governorate, Yemen. northeastern.

And local sources reported that the Houthi militia targeted the home of Asilan Nasser Al-Qahih Al-Harthy District Director General in Wadi Bal-Harith with a ballistic missile, killing eight people and wounding others.

Nasser Al-Qahih Al-Harthy

He indicated that the Houthi bombing has come in retaliation for the killing of a number of militia leaders in a Coalition airstrike to bolster legitimacy that targeted a gathering of them on Tuesday night, in addition to its losses and losses in Asilan and Baihan.

Local sources and gods media they revealed the killing and wounding of senior Houthi militia leaders in an air raid in Shabwa governorate.

Sources said Coalition to Support Legitimacy fighters targeted a high-level meeting that included senior Houthi militia leaders in southern governorates on Tuesday evening.

The meeting included, according to sources, the governor of Al-Mahra Al-Qutabi Ali Al-Faraj appointed by Houthi, the governor of Lahj, Ahmed Jereeb, and the representative of the governorate of Shabwa, the leader of the Houthi, Ahmed Muhammad Al – Hamza. .

According to sources, the attack resulted in the death of Hamza and the injury of others. The Houthi militia acknowledged the death of Shabwa’s appointed deputy governor, including Ahmed Muhammad al-Hamza, but did not, as usual, explain the circumstances and whereabouts of his death, and only said he died “on the defense front. of the homeland “, in reference to coalition hostilities and air strikes that killed and wounded more commanders in the field on the Shabwa and Ma’rib fronts.

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