‘Shadow & Bone’ gets Flack for Double white waterfall of Inej

Netflix Shadow and bone is facing review after doing the decision at give Amita Suman’s character, Inej, a white waterfall double.

Leigh Bardugo, author of Shadow and bone, made having a diverse cast a priority when son delivered series has been adapted into a large television show.

Reviews and fans rented the show for its diversity since its release.

However, British actress Amita Suman, born in Nepal, appears to have received a white stunt double.

the show possesses also painted her face brown, as well as to put it in a body brown, to film his stunt scenes.

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Like a result, Shadow and bone receives a major backlash for this controversial move.

Angry Twitter users took to the platform to express their disgust at the surprising and offensive, choice of casting.

An user posted of them photos of Amita Suman and her Hungarian waterfall double, Vellai Krisztina.

the second picture taken on set, shows Krisztina wearing a body obvious tan.

Her white neck is also in stark contrast to it much darker face.

User said: “not them who hire a white stuntman double for amita and painting her brown ………… »

Other users criticized Netflix and Shadow and bone for do not see the issue with hire a white stunt double for a brunette actress.

One wrote:

“Hey @netflix @HIGHzurrer what is it that you hire a white stuntman double for amita, a BROWN woman ??

“And not a single person working on the show I thought it was weird or f **** d up??

“shame on u, amita and inej both deserve better and i feel so sad for amita that she had to see that “

A second mentionned:

“just see the piece of paper with “Inej stunt” on the right next for a white woman is of sorts of fair up”

Shadow and bone possesses also received criticism for son hypocrisy in showcase your diversity and hire a white stuntman double.

One user said:

“the fact only shadow and bone show used diversity as all of their marketing campaign while knowing that they put a white woman in Brown face being south asian characters to delay double RATHER of just hiring real poc ?? “

However, despite Twitter’s outrage at Shadow and boneVellai Krisztina’s casting choice does not appear problem with playing a brunette actress.

The waterfall double posted some pictures of her, while in brownface for her public Instagram before you go private on Thursday May 6, 2021.

‘Shadow & Bone’ gets Flack for Double white waterfall of Inej

Krisztina captioned the post with several hashtags, including “#blackqueen” and “#blackhair”.

However, despite the backlash, Amita Suman praised Krisztina for her performance in Shadow and bone.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Suman described Krisztina as an “incredible stunt double”. It also said she helped bring the character of Inej to life.

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