Entertainment Shah Rukh Khan to return to the big screen...

Shah Rukh Khan to return to the big screen with this film


Shah Rukh Khan hasn’t signed any film post the release of his 2018 project Absolutely No. There is a lot of speculation around the super star’s next. Fans and media alike are waiting with bated breath for him to reveal hisnext Looks like director duo, Raj and Krishna DK have some excellent news for all of us. The filmmakers who have actually made Stree, Go Goa Gone and Shor In The City, just recently provided an interview to a home entertainment day-to-day and exposed that they have actually told a script to Shah Rukh Khan and he has actually liked it.

They went on to state that this is their finest script and they have actually kept it on hold up until SRK provides a nod to it. The director duo even declared that they have actually left it on King Khan to make the official statement. Well, we can’t await an official statement to drop in, what about you?

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