“Shahid” apologizes and confirms: Subscription activation takes 24 hours

In a statement, the “Shahid” platform apologized to Saudi fans; Due to the tension that accompanied the follow-up to the match between the Saudi national team and its Omani counterpart, it was attributed to the delay of some participants in activating their registrations.

“Our football fans and sports fans are fully aware of the excitement that preceded the Saudi national football team’s match against its Oman counterpart, especially before some subscribers activate their subscriptions to SSC channels and sports packages on both the GOBX receiver and the Shahid VIP, ”Shahid said in his statement.

“We apologize for the tension due to some delays in activating subscriptions, knowing that we have been in able to overcome it before the start of the first match of the Saudi national football team against its Oman counterpart without any actual delay, “the statement continued.

“We draw your attention once again to the fact that the activation of the subscription to the SSC channels on the GOBX receivers takes a period of up to 24 hours from the moment of the subscription”, underlined the release.

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