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Shahrukh Khan tells farmers ‘real hero’, this is the truth of viral video on social media

The Bollywood syllabus on the peasant movement seems to be divided into two sides. After the tweet by pop singer Rihanna, Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher and Ajay Devgan on social media sent a message to outsiders not to speak in the case of India. Recently, an attempt was made to talk to Salman Khan about this. Now a video of Shahrukh Khan is going viral. In this video, Shah Rukh Khan is seen praising the farmers of Mumbai. Some people are going viral by linking it to recent farmer case but this video is from August 2017.

Shahrukh told farmers the real hero in the video
Shahrukh Khan is speaking this video, our farmers are brothers and sisters, you are the people who are in Mumbai, they are real heroes. I am from Mumbai-Delhi, so perhaps I do not even have much knowledge about the village. But I understand that you guys work extremely hard. Seeds are put in strong sunlight, then irrigated, followed by harvesting. Even after that, sometimes God, Allah and Nature do not support us and there is a problem of rain, water becomes a problem. You are a hero because the thing on which your livelihood is run, due to which we get a moment, you have not got it, then you have proved that you too will grow water yourself, then the real hero is you people .

People raised questions on the silence of Shahrukh
This video of Shah Rukh Khan is of Water Cup Attorts Serimani. This speech was given by Shah Rukh Khan at an event organized by Pani Foundation. This video is from August 2017. However, some people are also saying with this video that Shahrukh Khan, who once called farmers a hero, is silent at the moment?

Shah Rukh Khan's Speech at the Water Cup Awards Ceremony (वॉटर कप सोहळयात शाहरुख खान ने साधला संवाद)


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