Shakira’s curse … Barcelona send Pique into the unknown!

Madrid – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: International singer Shakira’s curse of betrayal has started chasing Catalan defender Gerard Pique, with his awakening on Tuesday morning at the last and worst scenario he was waiting for from the Barcelona administration and by coach Xavi Hernandez, obtaining the via free, to leave the club sooner or later, for lack of the necessary team for his services. The Barcelona legend lives one of the saddest times of his life, after falling into taboo, after the betrayal of his girlfriend and the mother of his two children was exposed, which cost him the separation from his beautiful partner, after a love story that began at first sight in the middle of the promotional campaign for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, to the tune of the famous song “wakha”, and now about to pay the second exorbitant bill, was expelled from the paradise of the “Camp Nou”, according to the newspaper “Sport”. The newspaper, close to president Joan Laporta, said the teacher told his 30-year-old defender, in clearly and transparently, that he would be out of his plans next season, and it’s not related to the headache semi- chronic injuries suffered in recent seasons, but also family problems and interest in his gigantic commercial projects and more, one of the things that greatly affects his concentration and ability to meet Xavi’s demands on the pitch. According to the same source, Pique understands the point of view of yesterday’s friend in the stadiums, but the file of his future in his hometown will remain ambiguous, due to the need for the chief lawyer to reach a compromise formula with the player and the its representatives in the issue of termination of the contract, in light of the existence of a clause that gives him the right to claim a total of 40 million euros, in change of any unilateral decision of the administration before the expiration of his contract, which extends to the middle of the year 2024. The report stated that the idea of ​​Xavi and the decision makers of Barca is to allow Pique to seek a new challenge in his last years in the world of football, within the battalion of old and half stars, who will leave this summer, as part of the replacement and renewal plan, to build a project in able to restore prestige and glories to Barcelona, ​​starting with the conclusion of a big deal in the center of the defense, once the current leader is eliminated. It is known that the 35-year-old returned to Barcelona in 2008, after spending around 4 seasons with Manchester United, and during this time he achieved 30 group championships with the clubthe most important of which is the Champions League 3 times, the Spanish League 8 times and the King’s Cup 7 times, however, he visited the opponents’ goals in 53 occasions since his participation in more than 600 games in various competitions.