Shameful statements by Imran Khan about rape … and outrage

Been diving lately in Pakistan on rape crimes die amid popular protests to stop them and die To punish perpetrators and caused a stir in the face of the impotence of the authorities.

In this situation, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan made statements that die in social media and in sparked widespread controversy in local circles and even reached international organizations today.

Khan stated that women’s clothes are for die high rate of this type of crime should be blamed, and he viewed what he said as “extortion” as the cause of sexual violence.

“Care is the reason”

The Prime Minister’s statements, die he in a live chat with state television in the program “The Prime Minister is with you in the line “made, in who answered questions from the public last Sunday and die Released today by the Associated Press caused great shock and convictions after Khan answered a related question about government action in in reference to die Escalation of sexual violence, especially against children, had responded. He criticized what he was “blackmailing” in Societies around the world called, claiming this was the reason for die moral deterioration, die this leads to sexual harassment, according to his expression.

The response to these statements reached international organizations in those human rights groups die Words criticized by the Pakistani Prime Minister, and women’s rights activists called this an excuse for rapists and accused women.

“Shameful Remarks”

The Independent Human Rights Commission in Pakistan described Khan’s statements as unacceptable and shameful.

“Khan’s statements not only suggest ignorance of how, why and where die Rape takes place but also accuse those die were raped, “she said in an explanation.

The organization demanded an apology from Khan and die Commitment to his government treating rape as an “act of violence”.

It is worth noting that in At least 11 rape cases are reported to Pakistan every day. According to official statistics, were in reported more than 22,000 rape cases to the police across the country in recent years.

However, only 77 defendants were convicted, 0.3% of the total.

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