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Shang-Chi: The next hero of the MCU just met a new guy of observer


ATTENTION: the following contains important spoilers for “What Is Vs. What If” from the pages of Marvel Voices: Identity # 1, available now from Marvel.

While Shang-Chi is ready to do his heroic introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his life in the comic is gone down a bit different path. Following the death of his father, Shang-Chi inherited his family’S criminal organization, the Society of the Five Weapons. After having dedicated himself to the reform of the organization, The boss of Kung Fu is currently on hunting for the artifacts that his father created. Now the latest artifact led Shang-Chi face-to-face with a new version of the observers in “What Is Vs. What If” by Gene Luen Yang, Marcus To, Sunny Gho and Joe Sabino from VC.

Shang-Chi’s journey takes him in high in the mountains where he finds a secluded temple. Through the trees and the fog, its inhabitants, the Order of Uatu, watched their visitor walk up the mountain. Much like their namesake, the Order of The Uatu are committed with to be silent observers.

Part of what could be the oldest life race in the universe, the Watchers have kept records of All events through reality as they transpire. Uatu the Watcher was assigned to watch over Earth, and proved less fit to stay out of mortal affairs of his brothers since his own first appearance in of 1963 Fantastic Four #13 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. In a way, this group seems to be a direct result of The infamous interventions of Uatu. Like its apparent leader says, the order of Uatu was formed after its founder had a memorable meeting centuries earlier.

While the short story offers no further details on the foundation of the Order, the Rungo Coin allows the Order to see beyond the terrestrial world.

The Ruguo coin is one of the powerful, mystical items that Shang-Chi has hunted down. As a monk explains to him, the coin is his for the grip, as long as he can outweigh his powers. When the monk asks Shang-Chi to think about his defining moments, the hero thinks back per day in which he challenged his father and got up side-from-side with the Avengers in an act of violent rebellion against its the same criminal inheritance. This is what it is, but the monk is just as interested in What may have happened. The other side of the coin reveals a world in that Shang-Chi chose to swear allegiance to his own father And fight against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes e in a moment, the realities of what it is and what if they collided. Unsurprisingly Shang-Chi is in able to defeat his evil self by claiming the Ruguo Coin in the process.

The Ruguo coin is a powerful artifact, e for the order of Uatu, it would definitely have been a powerful tool in their mission to observe. When Shang-Chi leaves the temple, however, the monk eyes glow bright blue that remembers of Uatu, implying that they have achieved or granted some sort of omniscience or cosmic awareness of themselves. Whatever the case may be, it’s all about them adds up to order of Uatu is a legitimate offshoot of the observers in their right and not just in first name.

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