Shannon Brown shows her love to her fans on the occasion of her 34th birthday and points her detractors

#Roommates, it’s only been a few weeks since the divorce between Monica and her ex-husband Shannon Brown was finalized. During this short time, Shannon continued to publicly express her love and appreciation for her, dyed her hair blond – and now he has a message to send to his fans and his enemies.

As Shannon Brown celebrates her 34th birthday, he has decided to post a message on Instagram to particularly congratulate those who support him and those who continue to hate him. In a recent post, Shannon subtitled a photo of him without a shirt with this eloquent message:

29/11/1985 = 34. Happy birthday to all those who hold the same day and who sign like me. I appreciate everyone who showed and had a legitimate love for me. For everyone (emoji of the major). #FreshOutTheShower

Meanwhile, Monica seems to live here her best life since the separation of the couple, as she has just celebrated her own birthday with her friends T.I., Tiny and more. However, given the recent positivity displayed by each of them on social media, it seems that their divorce was something that was to happen for both of them.

Monica recently discussed her divorce from Shannon in these terms:

“Even though I’m in reality TV, there are some things I’ve never talked about, because when you get married, it’s between you two and everything that’s going on inside. it’s God and us. No matter what happens, he will always get my absolute respect, my gratitude and my help to be part of what his life will become . I’ll be there to support him, because that’s what I’ve sworn to do, even when the other side does not work.

Good for both of them to have a positive attitude towards such a public situation.

Roommates, what do you think of this?

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