Sharon Osbourne reveals her experience with America’s Got Talent and NBC despite Gabrielle Union’s controversy

Many celebrities have expressed support for Gabrielle Union after NBC and America’s Got Talent decided not to renew after just one season in the series. Many outlets report that AGT producers fired Union after complaining about a toxic work environment. Today, former judge Sharon Osbourne recounts her experience of the popular series.

Osbourne was a season 2 judge in season 7 and left in 2012. And she said in The Talk on Monday that AGT was a great show to work on, but she has nothing good to say. on NBC.

“The experience of each show is different, and I attended for six years. I was not let down, “said Osbourne. “I left, and that’s the truth, I left because NBC, not because of the show, I had my own problems with the network, I do not know any of his [union] concerns about the show . “

Osbourne said there were no people of color on the board when she was on AGT, so she could not honestly talk about it. But when she was there, the team and everyone were fantastic. Everyone except the network.

Osbourne told the New York Post in 2012 that she left AGT because NBC had abruptly broken ties with her son Jack, who was supposed to work on a reality series called Stars Earn Stripes. The principle was to allow celebrities to confront each other during military training exercises. But after the doctors diagnosed multiple sclerosis in Jack, NBC fired him two days before the show started.

“I just can not be wrong,” Osbourne said at the time. “It’s discrimination, and it’s been mismanaged.”

On Tuesday, in her episode of The Talk, Osbourne had more to say about NBC and she agreed with Howard Stern’s comment that Simon Cowell constantly replaces hot girls with hotter, younger girls. and that it’s the ultimate men’s club.

“It’s a boys’ club, it’s boys and boys take care of each other and women are not paid as much as men,” said Osbourne.

She also noted that AGT ratings were much higher when Cowell was not present. Osbourne added that Cowell was doing the same thing in the UK with the X Factor. Cowell is also part of this group with LA Reid and two women. Osbourne says that every time that happens, there are “different little girls” like Demi Lovato and Britney Spears.

“Now, the guys looked like two top players in Vegas who raised two kids,” said Osbourne. “They looked like dirty men next to these two little girls and I was open, I told LA Reid and Simon, I would not tell them anything. You look like two dirty old men, they are children, they can not judge other children, no matter how successful they are. “

Osbourne then returned to the AGT discussion and said that she does not blame anyone for what she earns, but that it is a boys’ club and that guys have special privileges. She gave the example that she had to fly in commercial aircraft while the guys were flying in private.


After Carrie Ann Inaba read NBC’s statement on the controversy, Sharon Osbourne said, “Stay together, guys. NBC can kiss my **! “

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