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Shawn Johnson Flips Her Three Month Old Baby And The Internet Freaks Out– Is The Gymnast Endangering Her Baby?


Shawn Johnson is getting a great deal of criticism after turning her three-month-old baby, Drew East, in a video that she posted on Instagram. The Olympic gold medalist appears to be preparing her baby child for her own gymnastics practice, however not everybody concurs that Drew is old enough to start now. Shawn had posted the video and revealed that it was baby Drew’s “Roo’s” first day at the beach along with her first time swimming. It was likewise her first time turning and at three-months-old, it didn’t take long prior to a lot of women chimed in to share their displeasure over the act. Numerous even stated that Shawn turning her three-month-old child threatened.

Drew is a little a star in her own right, as she has an official Instagram account with over 500,000 Instagramfollowers There are no videos of baby gymnastics on her account, however provide it time.

Shawn shared the following post in addition to this caption.

Roo’s first turn !! @drewhazeleast (she was COMPLETELY safe … so do not even haha) #momlife #[email protected]

You might see the video that triggered debate below.

Shawn appeared to understand that there would be reaction concerning the videos as she mentioned in her post that Drew was safe. Some disagreed and though they might not have actually argued that Drew was hurt throughout the video, individuals started mentioning other locations where they thought Drew wasn’t being looked after effectively.

Some remarks recommended that Drew required to use a hat and shoes while at the beach. If Shawn had actually put sun blocks on the baby, others asked. Others recommended that the turning motion was damaging to Drew’s neck and others recommended that her brain might have been hurt from the action.

While shaken baby syndrome is a real condition that can take place when somebody powerfully shakes a baby, triggering their brain to swell, it is not likely that mild motions would trigger damage. Still, some individuals recommended it may be a good idea for Shawn Johnson to speak to Drew’s pediatrician to see what kind of activity is age-appropriate and safe.


What do you believe? Do you believe Drew could have been harmed from Shawn’s turning her benefit down?

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