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She covered herself in her boyfriend’s blood. Congress faces horrific testimony from a girl who survived the Texas massacre

“I don’t want that to happen again,” said Wednesday Mia Cirillo, the girl who covered herself in her boyfriend’s blood to escape the Texas school killer, in a testimony in the United States Congress under pressure to take measures on firearms.

On May 24, an 18-year-old high school student with an assault rifle killed 19 students and two teachers in a school in Yuvaldi, west of San Antonio. During a hearing in Capitol dedicated to the “scourge of armed violence”, the 11-year-old said the killer “said ‘Goodnight’ to my school and shot her in the head. Then he shot some of my classmates and the blackboard”. “When I approached the backpacks, she shot my friend who was right next to me and I thought he was going back to the room,” added the young woman, who wears glasses. in a video testimony. “So I took some blood and smeared it all over … I was calm. Then I picked up the school phone and called the emergency services.” Mia Cirillo confirmed that she no longer feels safe at school. “I don’t want that to happen again,” she said in the appeal to members of Congress. Her father, Miguel, who attended the hearing, said Mia “was no longer the child she played with.” “Schools are no longer safe, something has to change,” she said.

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stubbornness or stagnation

Congress, which is now debating the regulation of limited weapons after decades of inaction, has heard Roy Guerrero, a Yuvaldi pediatrician, describe the children’s bodies “crumbled”, some “decapitated” and “torn to shreds” with bullets. “What I fail to understand is that our politicians have let us down because of stubbornness, inertia or both,” he said.

As for Zenita Everhart, whose 21-year-old son survived a racist massacre in a supermarket in Buffalo last month said, “My son Zaire has a hole in the right side of his neck, two in his back and one in his left leg from an AR (assault rifle) bullet. -15a.” “When I clean up his wounds, I can still feel the shrapnel from the bullet in his back,” he added. “Now I ask you to imagine this exact scenario that is happening to one of your children,” Everhart continued. US President Joe Biden has repeatedly pledged to take action against this terrible scourge that successive governments have not yet been in able to eradicate. But in a country in where one in three adults own at least one gun, Conservatives are firmly against any measure that would violate the rights of “law-abiding citizens.” Joe Biden’s narrow majority in Congress doesn’t allow a gun bill to pass, so the challenge is to find measures that can win Republican support.

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No regulation by decree

Biden confirmed on a satirical TV show Wednesday that he does not intend to move firearms regulation outside the constitution’s provisions, taking the opportunity to criticize former President Donald Trump. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel asked him, “Can’t there be an executive order? Trump was handing them out like Halloween candy.” Joe Biden replied: “What I don’t want to do (…) is to imitate Trump and the way in who abused the Constitution and its constitutional power “.

In the Senate, discussions now revolve around limited proposals such as criminal or psychological background checks for individual gun buyers, which organizations have been calling for for years. And Democratic Party leader Chuck Schumer indicated Thursday that the Senate will vote on “measures to regulate firearms,” ​​without giving further details.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday evening, the House of Representatives voted in favor of another important bill that could, among other things, allow a ban on the sale of semi-automatic shotguns to children under the age of 21 and the sale of high-capacity magazines. The republican opposition strongly criticizes these measures. So it seems impossible for it to pass to the Senate in how much it would need the support of ten governors because of the prescribed majority rules.


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