She led an anti-harassment movement that angered her. Apple fired an employee

It looks like one of the employees apple farm He pissed her off after leading an anti-harassment movement. An Apple employee announced that the company fired her after leading a movement among her colleagues to publicize cases of what they described as harassment and discrimination within the company.

And Apple’s director of programs, Janek Parrish, revealed that the company informed her Thursday that it was fired for deleting materials on Apple devices while under investigation for leaking information about what took place during a meeting on Apple. activity of the company ai media. He told Reuters he denies the leak.

She also made it clear that she deleted apps that included details of her financial assets and other personal information before handing her devices over to Apple as part of the investigation, noting that she believed she was fired due to her employment, according to Reuters. .

“Obvious revenge”

He also added: “To me, this appears to be clear retaliation for the fact that I have spoken about the abuses occurring in my company, equal pay and, in general, of our working conditions “.

For its part, Apple said Friday that it does not discuss specific employee-related issues.

mention it apple farm I recently saw other examples of employee dissatisfaction. Last month, two Apple employees told Reuters they filed a complaint against the company with the National Labor Relations Board. He accused Apple of retaliation and disrupting employee payroll discussions, among other allegations.

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