Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed: May God create Saudi Arabia among the people of the right

UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan commented on a video in circulation showing the safety of the Hajj asking UAE pilgrims to turn right, describing them as “the sons of Zayed”.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed reposted the clip, which was widely circulated two days ago on Twitter, and commented on it saying, “God makes Saudi Arabia the people of the right.” In the clip, one of the Hajj security personnel can be heard saying by a speaker: “Zayed’s children are right, the UAE pilgrims are right … The UAE is right … The children of Zayed are right, “he said.

And the security man adds in the clip, saying, “May God greet you, children of Zayed … the pilgrims from the UAE are on the right.”