Shikhar Dhawan announced Rs 20 lakh, Unadkat should contribute 10 percent of IPL content for COVID-19 relief

Unadkat to his respective Twitter handle and shared a video and announced that he will contribute 10 percent of its IPL content help COVID-19 patients. The 29-year-old left-arm pacemaker from Saurashtra was retained by IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals for die IPL 2021 season.

Unadkat tweeted, “I’m contributing 10% of my IPL salary for die Provision of essential medical resources for those in need. My family will do sure it achieved die right places. Jai Hind! “

In the video, Undakat said, “Our country is going through a lot of Distress and for that’s important me know how we are privileged too in this position too play cricket. “

“I also know how can be a personal loss and painful how It can be worrying when your close friends are struggling for Your life. I’ve been through both. “

The BCCI is facing global criticism for Hosting IPL also as people in The country is fighting against die COVID-19 pandemic.

Unadkat continues added”I’m not saying that it is right or not wrong to play cricket At the moment, to be honest, it’s difficult to stay away from me family and friends in this situation.

“All I feel is this game brings much needed distraction and brings joy for lots. My heart goes out to all those affected in this time. Please be strong. “

The pacemaker even pushed people get vaccinated and contribute to it fight against die Pandemic.

“To let us all come together and fight As a team against contribute to this pandemic and help everyone in What ever way we can, “he said.

Meanwhile, senior India cricketer Shikhar Dhawan announced He will donate £ 20 lakhs as well money of post- -match Individually performance Awards in IPL 2021 to ‘Mission Oxygen’ help die Fund requirement of Oxygen.

Punjab Kings batsman Nicholas Pooran also decided to donate part of its IPL content help India fight the deadly Resurgence of die Pandemic.

“If you can get vaccinated, I will also Do my part, which is to keep praying for India, but not only that, I would also like donate a portion of my IPL salary for this crisis, “said Pooran in the video posted on Twitter.

India is experiencing an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 infections and a single day recording rise in new cases with every day. Health care system crumbles due to the crisis with Hospitals struggling to provide oxygen and essential medication to infected patients.

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