Shin Bet warns of violence as Netanyahu’s fall approaches

The head of the Israeli Internal Security Service, Shin Bet, warned in one of the politically most explosive times in decades, when the country is on the verge of the removal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister, in a rare warning of the possibility of violence.

“Lately we have seen an increase in inflammatory and increasingly violent extremist rhetoric, in particular in social networks, “said Shin Bet boss Nadav Argaman in a statement on Saturday evening without naming a name.

He added: “This discourse between certain groups or individuals can be interpreted as permitting violent and illegal activity, die Cause bodily harm. “

Netanyahu is approaching the end of his twelve-year career as prime minister after center opposition leader Yair Lapid announced on Wednesday that he had forged a coalition government after the March 23 elections.

Shin Bet warns of violence as Netanyahu’s fall approaches

For the first time in the history of Israel

The new, not yet sworn government will be a heterogeneous mix of left, liberal, right, nationalist and religious parties as well for the first time in of Israel’s history to be an Arab-Islamic party.

In his online posts, Netanyahu warned that this partnership was a “dangerous left government”.

Some right-wing groups are angry with Naftali Bennett, who leads a small ultra-nationalist party, die Netanyahu in to replace a power-sharing agreement with Lapid. Several posts attacked Bennett in social media.

Before the elections, Bennett promised not to join any coalition with the centrist Lapid or any Arab party.

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