Shinmai Ossan Bōkensha Anime Adaptation: Breaking the Age Barrier for Dream Pursuit in 2024

Shinmai Ossan Bōkensha: Pursuing Dreams at Any Age

Shinmai Ossan Bōkensha

In the shonen world, it is common to see young protagonists training from childhood to achieve their dreams. However, breaking this stereotype is Shinmai Ossan Bōkensha, a light novel series that proves age is not a factor in pursuing one’s dreams. With its well-deserved anime adaptation set to premiere in 2024, this series has received immense praise for its captivating story.

A Story of Pursuing Dreams at a Middle Age

The brief teaser trailer released by the official website introduces us to the story of our 30-year-old protagonist, Takuya Sato. Pursuing his dreams at an older age, Takuya embarks on an unconventional journey with his guild members, Reanette Elfelt, Broughston Ashorc, Mizett Eldwarf, and Alicerette Draqul.

Shinmai Ossan Bōkenshaka, Teaser Visual

Meet the Staff of Shinmai Ossan Bōkensha

The official website has announced the talented staff members for Shinmai Ossan Bōkensha. Here is the list:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorShin KatagaiRe:Stage! Dream Days
ScriptwriterKasumi TsuchidaLapis Re:LiGHTs
Animation ProductionYumeta CompanyAscendance of a Bookworm
Character DesignerMari EguchiMy Sweet Tyrant
Music ComposerTomotaka OhsumiHandyman Saitō in Another World

Meet the Voice Cast

The voice cast for Shinmai Ossan Bōkensha has also been released. Here are the talented actors who bring the characters to life:

CharacterCastOther Works
Rick GladiatorTakuya SatōFudanshi Shōkan: Isekai de Shinjū ni Hameraremashita (Nagi)
Reanette ElfeltSaori ŌnishiArifureta (Kaori Shirasaki)
Broughston AshorcKenta MiyakeBaki (Jack Hanma)
Mizett EldwarfToshiyuki ToyonagaB: The Beginning (Brian Brandon)
Alicerette DraqulMisaki KunoMarch comes in like a lion (Momo Kawamoto)

A Journey of Adventure and Power

In a world where teenagers become adventurers, Rick Gladiator defies common sense by starting his adventure at the age of 30. Despite this setback, he has already lived an incredible life and possesses top-ranking fighting abilities. Rick’s skills have been honed by the legendary party “Orichalcum Fist,” consisting of the continent’s strongest adventurers. With his newfound strength, this novice adventurer takes on elite opponents.

This captivating series proves that there is no age limit to pursuing one’s dreams. Don’t miss out on this must-watch anime that showcases the power of determination and the pursuit of dreams.

About Shinmai Ossan Bōkensha, Saikyō Party ni Shinu Hodo Kitaerarete Muteki ni Naru

Shinmai Ossan Boukensha, Saikyou Party ni Shinu Hodo Kitae Rarete Muteki ni Naru started as a web novel by Kiraku Kishima. The light novel series, illustrated by Tea and published under the HJ Novels label, began in December 2018. Unlike the common practice of starting the adventurer’s path at a young age, Rick Gladiator begins his journey at the age of 30. Nevertheless, his extraordinary abilities gained from his work with the legendary party “Orichalcum Fist” make him a formidable warrior.

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