Ship that ran aground in the Suez Canal successfully refloated

The Suez Canal Authority has announced the successful flotation of the container ship “MSC ISTANBUL” and the resumption of its transit through the canal.

In an earlier statement, Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, said marine relief efforts were continuing to deal with the delinquency of the container ship “MSC ISTANBUL” as it passed through the canal as part of the southern convoy on the his journey from Malaysia to Portugal.

And the head of the authority claimed in a statement today, Sunday, that as soon as the main navigational control center received notification of the vessel’s delinquency at kilometer 78, channel numbering, four tugboats were immediately propelled to float the vessel, which included both the tugboat Port Said with a tensile strength of 95 tons, and the tugs “Musaed 1” and “Musaed”. 2″ and the “Assistant 5” locomotive.

The head of the authority sent a message of reassurance that navigation traffic in the channel would not be affected by this emergency situation, in when all ships coming from the northerly direction crossed in their usual form and the navigational movement coming from the southerly direction was organized by diverting the transit of ships from the western channel to the eastern channel.

Lt. Gen. Rabie said the Authority has the necessary rescue skills and technical belaying and navigational skills to professionally deal with potential emergencies.