Shocking experiment reveals rain danger after heat wave

One of the scientists, through a simple scientific experiment, identified the danger of precipitation after a significant increase in temperature, which can cause flash floods.

Professor Rob Thompson from the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading in the UK explains why this is so dangerous in an introductory video experiment, as it has to do with how quickly the Earth absorbs rain.

An expert explains what happens to water on wet grass, grass in a typical summer, and dry grass due to heat to absorb water.

This means, says Thompson, that if it suddenly rains and the grass burns, as it does now, the world could face dangerous flash floods.

Thompson said: “The UK is in desperate need of rain to stop this drought, but we must be careful what we wish for. World experience has shown what can happen when heavy rains are followed by an extremely dry spell and the heat hardens the ground. “

The British Met Office warned of a real threat, saying: “This experiment shows how heavy rain after a long heat wave can lead to flooding.”

A British meteorologist expected isolated and severe thunderstorms in parts of the UK.

Thomson noted that this experience extends to all countries that have experienced extreme and unfamiliar heat this summer.

Source: sun