Shocking number. Every minute, 11 people worldwide die of hunger

The anti-poverty organization Oxfam has announced that every minute 11 people die of starvation and that themselves die Number of people die faced famine around the world increased sixfold in the past year.

The organization stated in a report published yesterday, Thursday, entitled “The Hunger Virus Multiplies” stated that die Famine death toll die Number of deaths exceeds from coronavirus, which kills about seven people a minute, according to the Associated Press.

155 million suffer from a food crisis

“The statistics are staggering, but we mustn’t forget that these numbers are people who die are exposed to unimaginable suffering. Even a person is a very large number, ”said Abby Maxman, President and CEO of Oxfam America.

In addition, there was die humanitarian organization that currently counts 155 million people around the world in a crisis of food insecurity or worse living, which was exceeded by around 20 million in the past year.

She also pointed out that about two-thirds of them starve to death because of their land in stuck in a military conflict.

“Today there are ongoing conflicts die economic consequences of COVID-19 and die worsening climate crisis brought more than 520,000 people to the brink of famine, ”added Maxman.

Shocking number.  Every minute, 11 people worldwide die of hunger

famine in Somalia (Reuters)

20 countries on the brink of famine

“Instead of die To fight epidemic die Warring parties wrestled with each other, often with the final blow against die Millions, die have already been hit by weather disasters and economic shocks. “

Despite the pandemic, Oxfam said that die global military spending increased by $ 51 billion during the pandemic, an amount at least six times higher than that die United Nations need to stop hunger.

Famine in Yemen

Famine in Yemen

In March, two United Nations agencies warned of famine for millions of families in 20 countries.

Yemen, South Sudan and North Nigeria also have “hunger hotspots” according to a report released in March by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Program die List of the 20 countries most affected by food insecurity.

It is noteworthy that the World Food Program warned last June that more than 270 million people around the world, mainly in Africa and the Middle East, suffer from acute food insecurity and millions are threatened with starvation, so die Website “Voice of”. . America”.

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