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Shoigu: 300 thousand new soldiers mobilized for the war in Ukraine

After more than a month, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced today, Friday, the end of the partial mobilization process that began on 21 September.

The Russian minister explained, in a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, who 1,300 employees of the executive authorities were called into the armed forces as part of the partial mobilization.

He also claimed that age media of those summoned in the context of partial mobilization is 35 years old.

Also, Shoigu admitted in a meeting with Putin that the initial stage had problems with supplies during the mobilization process and which have now been resolved.

28 thousand in conflict areas

He added that the specific task was completed with the mobilization of 300,000 people, indicating that there are no plans for further tasks.

Shoigu also informed Putin that after the training, 82,000 of the mobilized people were sent to the conflict areas.

While 218,000 people were mobilized in training camps and in the combat coordination process.

Interestingly, Putin has announced a nationwide mobilization to support Russian forces in Ukraine on September 21, in a move that led to an exodus of men and aroused some resentment.

chaos and escape

The mobilization process was marked by chaos among the cases of young people in flight abroad to escape draft, as Russian authorities have opened more military recruiting offices near Russia’s borders in an attempt to intercept some deserters via earth to avoid being called to fight in Ukraine.

More than 194,000 Russians have fled in Georgia, Kazakhstan and Finland, most of them in auto, in bicycle or on foot, since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of reservists.

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While the mass exodus of men – alone or with their families or friends – began on September 21, shortly after Putin’s speech to the nation, and then flights to destinations outside Russia were sold out. in a few days, even with an unprecedented increase in their prices.

Long lines of auto they appeared on the roads leading to the borders of Russia.

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