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Shoigu to his French counterpart: We are worried that Kiev is using a dirty bomb!

As the Russian-Ukrainian conflict continued and amid growing international fears of any tendency to use nuclear weapons, the Russian Defense Ministry warned on Sunday of what it described as “Kiev provocations”.

During a telephone conversation with his French counterpart, Sebastien Licornu, in they discussed the situation in Ukraine’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu expressed his belief that Ukrainian authorities are constantly prone to further uncontrolled escalation, according to Sputnik news agency.

‘dirty bomb’

He also expressed his fears about Ukrainian provocations, including the use of a “dirty bomb”, in reference to a low-yield nuclear weapon, or perhaps the possibility of hitting a water dam in Kherson that could flood the entire city, in to blame the Russian forces.

These statements came after RIA Novosti cited reliable sources in several countries, including Ukraine, claimed that there were indications that Kiev was preparing a provocation using a “dirty bomb” or low-yield nuclear weapons.

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