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Shorts are Now Easier to Find — or Avoid — on YouTube

Shorts get a dedicated tab.


YouTube uses every trick in the book to entice you to start watching videos before switching to a different strategy, making it impossible for you to escape the video vortex. Shorts have recently received more attention from YouTube, and a Shorts shelf has even been added to YouTube for Android TV. However, not everyone enjoys that content that is optimized for mobile. Thankfully, YouTube is now making it simpler to only focus on the video formats you prefer for those who detest short-form videos as much as they dislike paying more for YouTube Premium.

YouTube is updating its mobile app interface with dedicated tabs for Shorts, Live content, and the normal long-form videos we know the platform for. Not to be confused with the app’s existing tabs all along the bottom for Subscriptions and Library. These new tabs appear at the top when you visit a creator’s channel page.

The idea here is to keep giving you more of what you like; if you’re doomscrolling through Shorts in your feed when you tap on a creator’s name, the app will send you specifically to their channel’s Shorts tab. The Live tab will be useful for content streamers because it serves as a hub for all the creator’s upcoming, ongoing, scheduled, and archived live streams.


Now that Shorts and Live have dedicated space on creator channels, YouTube is removing them from the general Videos tab. Hopefully, this arrangement makes it easier to find the form of content you’re looking for — or avoid altogether the kind you’re not. The new tabs on channels are rolling out already, and we are seeing them on some of our devices.


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