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Showtime Cancels Vanessa Bayer’s ‘I Love That for You’ After One Season

Showtime Cancels Comedy Series “I Love That for You” After One Season

Showtime has canceled the comedy series “I Love That for You” after one season. Executive-produced by Vanessa Bayer, Jeremy Beiler, and Jessi Klein, the network has confirmed that the series will not move forward with a second season.

Showtime’s Statement

On Wednesday evening, Showtime disclosed, “I Love That for You has completed its run on Showtime.” The spokesperson thanked Vanessa, Jeremy, Jessi, the cast, and the crew for their hard work and wished them all the best.

The First Season

The news comes almost a year after the completion of the “I Love That for You” pilot season, which aired its finale on June 19, 2022. The first season was made up of eight episodes that were broadcasted weekly on Sunday evenings.

Search for a New Home

Following Showtime’s decision to cancel the series, the production is open to search for a new home by shopping to other networks.

The Cast of I Love That for You

The series starred Vanessa Bayer as a budding shopping channel on-air host who falsely claims that her childhood cancer has returned as a means to keep her job. The show I Love That for You cast is:

  • Vanessa Bayer as the main character, a budding shopping channel on-air host
  • Molly Shannon
  • Paul James
  • Ayden Mayeri
  • Matt Rogers
  • Punam Patel
  • Jenifer Lewis

The Executive Producers of I Love That for You

“I Love That for You” was created by Bayer and Beiler and executive produced by Michael Showalter, Megan Ellison, Sue Naegle, Jordana Mollick, and Allyce Ozarski.

Showtime’s Comedy Series I Love That for You

With the end of “I Love That for You,” Showtime is almost out of the sitcom business for now, with its sole remaining comedy series being Neil Patrick Harris-starrer “Uncoupled.” The network picked up the production after Netflix canceled it after one season.

Showtime’s Programming Shift

Recently, Showtime has undergone a major shift in its programming. After a winter regime change that saw longtime Showtime chief Chris Nevins replaced by Chris McCarthy, the network has canceled several series, including “American Gigolo,” “Let the Right One In,” and “The L Word: Generation Q.”


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