Shrek fan uncovers X-rated joke we all missed on first watch ‘I’m disturbed’

The hit movie was released in 2001, becoming a huge success with children and adults alike all over the world. With it predominantly targeting a younger audience, this joke would have gone over the heads of most viewers – until now.

Sharing the clip on TikTok, @kathy_martinez05 revealed the moment as part of her ongoing ‘childhood films filled with adult jokes’ series.

The scene shows Lord Farquaad lying in bed with a cocktail as he says: “Mirror, mirror, show her to me. Show me the princess.”

The mirror then reluctantly displays an image of Princess Fiona as she looks out of her castle window.

At this point, a small bump starts to rise under Lord Farquaad’s bedding as he stares at the picture of the princess.

Lord Farquaad

The joke was missed by most viewers on first watch. (Image: TikTok / @kathy_martinez05 / DreamWorks)


The first Shrek movie was released 20 years ago. (Image: Getty)

The character then has a quick look under the sheets, followed by what appears to be an uncomfortable expression on his face.

The video has caused a stir with fans of the movie, with 8.6 million views and 1.6m likes in the two weeks since its upload.

The TikTok’s caption asks viewers: “Did anyone else catch that?”

It appears that many did, as TikTokers have been sharing their shock at the scene ever since.

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The X-rated joke is made by Lord Farquaad. (Image: Getty)


The video was part of a larger TikTok series. (Image: Getty)

One said: “My last 1% of innocence I had, just left my soul.”


A third said: “I’m not at all innocent. But I am traumatised from seeing this and understanding this now.”

A fourth added: “I’m 25 and I’m disturbed.”

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Shrek Adventures

The movie was an instant classic and even has a permanent tourist attraction in London. (Image: Getty)

Some users have been sharing their misconceptions of the scene from when they first saw the movie.

One said: “When I was younger I thought he spilt his drink.”

A second added: “I just thought he realised he didn’t have his shirt and pulled up the blanket.”

One user pointed out that this was not the only X-rated moment creators discretely included in the movie.

They said: “When Donkey is with the dragon and he says, ‘No that’s my personal tail!’ Omg I never realised.”

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