Siemens in Al Arabiya: negotiations with “Mubadala” to produce green hydrogen

Siemens Energy President and CEO, Dr. Christian Bruch, said his company has signed a memorandum of understanding with Egyptian Electricity Holding Company to start a pilot project for green hydrogen production, and that it is currently aiming to identify aspects of the project and what it needs the knowledge, infrastructure and skills necessary to exist in Egypt, to develop a clear picture of a model Work for this sector is a young sector and we are learning.

He added that hydrogen will be the most important component of the energy system in future, because it allows for several things that are not available from other energy sources, including the transfer of renewable energy through hydrogen molecules from the energy production site to the place of its consumption.

It allows for the decarbonisation and greening of activities, green hydrogen requires wind and solar energy and we are building this sector gradually.

He said the company has implemented 3 conventional plants in Egypt with a capacity of 14.4 gigawatts, and Egypt has enormous capacity to generate power from wind and solar energy.

He added that the discussion of the transformation process in the energy sector is necessary to understand and integrate different energies, and Egypt is in an excellent position to produce renewable energy at competitive prices.

The president of Siemens said the projects in Egypt include all stages of the value chain for power generation and that the company is working to connect the grid to the cities of New Alamein and New Mansoura and increase the efficiency of pressure stations to reduce emissions.

In the Gulf region, the company’s chief executive said: “We have launched a hydrogen production project in Dubai, the first of its kind in the region, at the Mohammed bin Rashid Solar Energy Complex, which uses solar energy to produce hydrogen.

He continued: “We are negotiating with the UAE company, Mubadala, to produce green hydrogen and use it in the production of aviation fuel, to demonstrate the use of renewable energy in the production of a marketable product.”

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