Signs of a cough that may indicate lung cancer!

Abnormal cells inside the lungs form a cancerous tumor that can lead to external symptoms.

People may not realize they actually have lung cancer because symptoms can spread from other diseases. Take, for example, a cough that can be the result of a cold, flu, or asthma. Coughing can also be a sign of lung cancer, but only when certain criteria are checked.

A persistent cough that doesn’t go away within three weeks should be checked by a doctor as it could indicate lung cancer, according to the NHS.

The Health Body warns that “in the early stages, there are usually no signs or symptoms of lung cancer.”

However, if you have a persistent cough that “gets worse”, it could also be a sign of a potentially fatal illness.

If you cough up blood, tell your doctor as soon as possible. Another possible sign of lung cancer is soreness or pain when you cough.

Other symptoms of lung cancer may include frequent chest infections, persistent shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, or unexplained weight loss.

One of the less common signs of lung cancer is “sticky fingers,” which occurs when the appearance of the fingers changes, such as crooked or larger fingertips.

Lung cancer can also lead to:

– Difficulty in swallowing.

– whistled.

– hoarse voice.

Swelling of the face or neck.

Persistent chest or shoulder pain.

Source: Express