Signs that may indicate stomach cancer

Early diagnosis of gastric cancer is a big problem, as the “first alarm bells” are usually ignored because they are non-specific. So what are the signs to look out for?

Dr. Denis Romanoff, an oncologist and radiotherapist, points out on the TV show that signs that could indicate stomach cancer are:

1- The speed of feeling full. The average weight of food that a person eats is 300-350 grams.

2 – Loss of appetite and change in taste – Dr. Tatyana Shapovalenko points out that “one of the distinguishing symptoms of stomach damage is the refusal to eat foods rich in protein, such as meat. Therefore, in this case, you should see a doctor and undergo a gastroscopy.”

3- Whitening of the tongue (according to the type of blanching). Dr. Romanov explains this case and says: “The organs of the digestive system are interconnected and form a single system, and any change in one organ clearly affects the appearance or function of another organ.”

And he adds that with cancer of the stomach, the color of the tongue changes, because it is covered with a white or gray coating, and its surface becomes smooth, and white spots or tubercles appear on it. Cancer of the digestive system is usually associated with excessive salivation.

4 – Fatigue – Romanov says: “This is a very important symptom. However, if a person leaves, for example, on vacation, rests and returns to work, and after three days begins to feel bad again, this does not necessarily indicate cancer.”

5 – Unjustified weight loss – Romanov indicates that this is a serious symptom and indicates an advanced stage of the disease.

6 – A feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen – Romanov advises to undergo gastroscopy every year after forty-five years, and if Helicobacter pylori is detected, it must be eradicated.

Source: News. EN