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Sims 4 Update

The base game of The Sims 4 has a free update that adds top surgery scars, binders, Shapewear, and medical wearables. Fans who are disabled or transgender are happy that the game is getting better at being open to everyone.

With the new patch that came out today, The Sims 4’s “Create a Sim” feature now has a “Top Surgery Scar,” which can be found in the “Body” category’s “Body Scars” subcategory. The Top Surgery Scar can be put on any male Sim who is at least 13 years old and has a male or female base body model. If a person has top surgery scars, they had their breasts removed.

The Sims 4 now has clothes that fit both men and women for the first time. The new Binder can be found in Create a Sim’s Tops section under Tanks. The Shapewear can be found in the Bottoms section under Underwear. Transgender and non-binary people often use these clothing options to help them feel more comfortable in their bodies.

These are important new features in shopping mode. The Sims 4 is a computer game. Since 2016, the game’s character creation has let players of any gender mix and match masculine and feminine traits. Last year, updates allowed players to choose their Sims’. But today’s update is the first time that Creates a Sim has given characters bodies that are so clear about their trans identities.

Medical devices

These weren’t the only improvements to the accessible shopping mode. The January 31 patch for The Sims 4 . Medical devices, like hearing aids and glucose monitors, were also added to the game.

In the Create a Sim’s Face menu, shopping mode can be found under the new Medical Wearables subcategory. Hearing aids can be given to all Sims who are at least two years old in The Sims 4. They come in 15 colors so stylish Sims can match the color of their hearing aid to their outfit. They can be put in the right ear, the left ear, or both.

Glucose monitors can be found in the new Medical Wearables subcategory of the Body category. They can be used by Sims, who is at least a child’s age. Like shopping mode, The hearing aids in The Sims 4 are medical devices that can be put on a Sim’s right or left arm or the right or left side of their lower abdomen.

The new cosmetic items in The Sims 4 from shopping mode do not affect gameplay mechanics. For example, taking away a Sim’s hearing aids will not affect their hearing ability, and the game’s binders, which are classified as tops, do not actually alter a Sim’s chest shape and cannot be worn under shirts, unlike in real life.



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