Since its Launch, Multiversus has Seen a Drastic Decline in Active Players, With a Staggering 99% Drop

It has recently been discovered that the proportion of the MultiVersus community playing the game on Steam has decreased by more than 99% since its release just seven months ago. Currently, less than 1,000 peak daily players are recorded on Steam, which could be representative of how the game performs on other platforms.

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According to, the all-time high for MultiVersus is 153,044 players, recorded when the game was first released. The game dropped to 230 active players at one point in January, a 99.8% drop.

MultiVersus had a lot of potential, which could have resulted in an infinite number of crossovers as the game’s lifecycle unfolded before our eyes. However, only one new character has been released in the game since November 15th, and Season Three, which was supposed to launch two days ago and would likely bring more new characters, has been delayed until March 31st.

The launch of MultiVersus seemed doomed from the start. Despite Warner Bros. confirming that more than twenty million downloads were recorded at launch, players were quick to criticize the Smash Bros. clone, focusing on the paywall that stood in the way of several top-tier character skins. Even progressing through the standard battle pass is a perilously long grind that most players have yet to grow accustomed to.

Following the rise of competing titles such as Brawlhalla and backlash from the modding community, MultiVersus is on the ropes.

TrueAchievements has confirmed a 96% drop in players on Xbox platforms, according to, one of the first reporters on the story.

With a drastically reduced player base, community backlash, update delays, and a lack of new characters being introduced, it appears that MultiVersus is doomed.