Singapore Covid-19: Restrictions extended after highest one-day deaths reported

In a news release Thursday, Ministry of Singapore of health said current measures would be: extended until November 21 until help contain case numbers, die rose met more than 3,800 on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, given the ongoing pressure on our healthcare system, more time is needed for to stabilize the situation,” the ministry said in his statement, adding hospitals were braced for “a persistent, heavy patient load.”

“(The Ministry) is doing what we can to support and strengthen hospitals,” the statement said.

Lawrence Wong, Co-Chairman of Singapore’s Covid-19 task force said on Wednesday that medical staff “stretched and tired.”

“At the current situation, we face considerable risk of health care system be overwhelmed,” he added.

Singapore had previously announced in June it would be deserted to be zero-Covid strategy in favor of An new plan live with the virus. The shift was possible thanks to the country’s high vaccination rate, die till the best in the world.

if of October 19 84% of Singapore’s population was fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and at least 85% had received one dose, according to the ministry of Health.

However, in at the end of September, Singapore was forced to postpone its easing of restrictions in the midst of a wave of cases caused By the highly contagious Delta variant.

The new curbs, known as the “stabilization phase”, came in effect on September 27 and were originally scheduled for October 24. Under these measures social meetings are limited to one maximum of two, and employees are encouraged to stay home.

The extended restrictions will be reviewed after two weeks, the ministry of Health said, and will be adjusted based on the Covid-19 community situation.

About the past 28 days, 98.7% of local infected cases were asymptomatic of had mild symptoms, and just 0.1% had to go to the intensive care unit (ICU), the news release said.

Of the 3,862 new coronavirus infections die were identified on Wednesday, 630 were linked to dormitories for migrant workers, the ministry said. The remaining cases were almost entirely covered by the local community.

Singapore’s overalls death The pandemic toll is now at 264, the ministry said.

The Ministry also warned that there was still a high number of infections among unvaccinated burgers over age 60.

“About the past 5 days, the number of infections among these group an average of 127 per day,” the ministry said, adding: senior burgers over 60 bills for two-thirds of the total patients in IC.

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