Singapore’s Diesel Inventories Decline as Tunisian Shipment Arrives for Second Time

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Data revealed that a shipment of gas oil (diesel) arrived from Tunisia to Singapore on Thursday for the second time in a month, despite Singapore’s intermediate distillate inventories falling by 3.7% on a weekly basis.

Official data from Enterprise Singapore showed inventories of diesel and kerosene reached 7.687 million barrels (1.032 million cubic tons) in the week ending July 5, in down from the previous week’s 7.98 million barrels.

The volume of Tunisian diesel in commercial stocks in Singapore amounted to 59,123 tons.

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An earlier shipment of Tunisian diesel reached Singapore amounting to 49,685 tons in the week ending June 14.

There are no records of diesel of Tunisian origin shipped to Singapore before 2023.

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