‘Singing has been my passion since childhood’: Monika Chauhan

‘Singing has been my passion since childhood’: Monika Chauhan‘Singing has been my passion since childhood’: Monika Chauhan

While acting has always been her first love, Monika Chauhan has been passionate about singing as well ever since she was a child. She is currently seen in Dangal TV’s ‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ as Ranju (Reena Kapoor) and Guddu Ji’s (Ayub Khan) eldest daughter Shalu. She says that the cast and crew now consider her a singer.

Talking more about this, Monika said, “Singing has been my passion since childhood. I’ve never taken any classes. Actually, everyone around me during school and college thought that I would be a singer. Maybe I’m blessed somewhere with my voice for singing. Even on set now everyone knows I sing.”

“They keep requesting me to sing during breaks. I have become a professional singer for the crew and cast there. But usually, I just sing for myself it’s just a hobby. I also want to polish my guitar and harmonium skills. I just know how to play it a little bit,” she added.

When asked about how her fans react to her singing, she says, “I had put a video on Maha Shivratri on Instagram where I was singing a Kannada song. I really don’t know that language well. But 2 years back I google searched the meaning and was mesmerised by what the words meant. Back then I knew I wanted to sing this and now it’s my favourite. I’m surprised to receive so much love from the views after posting it on Instagram. I got a lot of positive responses. I am glad people like it.”

Monika Chauhan seems like a multi-talented person. We hope to see more of it. ‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ is a heart touching story of a single mother Ranju and her struggles of raising four daughters in a patriarchal society.

Catch ‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ at 2130 hrs on Dangal TV.

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