Siniora reveals the extent of Saudi aid to Lebanon

Lebanon is a country that can live for months or even years without a government, in which all the authorities can sleep on the interests of the people and wake up only at the outbreak of a crisis, and the paradox remains that the lira collapses, and the people suffer from a suffocating economic crisis while Hezbollah in power generously spends in arms and causing crisis.

The rough statements quoted by Lebanese officials have caused a crisis between Lebanon and the Gulf states, but this crisis has deeper dimensions than justifying it with lapses or misunderstandings, or the voice of the members of the government is nothing more than echoes of their parties and of their currents and, above all, of those who reap the benefits and money of the Lebanese people.

Fouad Siniora, the former Lebanese prime minister, told his colleague Muntaha Al-Ramahi in a new installment of The Other Dimension program that ministers’ statements should be in harmony with the superior Lebanese interests. The state is in danger, especially after the statements offensive I’m not a range. The interval occurs once and is not repeated.

Siniora said he witnessed the volume of aid provided by Saudi Arabia to Lebanon following the great destruction that occurred in 2006, when infrastructure was destroyed due to the Hezbollah adventure, and more than 115,000 housing units were destroyed as a result of the Israeli bombings, but two months after the war we managed to bring the students back to schools Thanks to the support of the Gulf we have rebuilt 115 thousand housing units, and Saudi Arabia has had the largest share of its funding and, above all, Saudi big finance. support made no distinction between one Lebanese and another in based on a sect, sect or affiliation. Much of this Saudi aid was directed to the areas of Hezbollah that have been destroyed in the suburbs and southern Lebanon.

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