Sino-Russian consultations . focus on security coordination

The Chinese foreign ministry revealed a meeting between Cheng Guoping, the ministry’s commissioner for foreign affairs and security, with the Russian ambassador in Beijing Andrei Denisov.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said the meeting took place yesterday, in which the two sides exchanged views on the current situation, according to the news agency “Reuters”.

He also added that the meeting with Russia discussed efforts to combat terrorism and security coordination.

These consultations come a few days after news broke that Moscow requested economic and military assistance from China to follow the military operation in Ukraine and to circumvent Western sanctions, the New York Times reported, citing well-informed officials at the time.

These reports have raised American fears and have been met with several statements in recent days, in which Washington has threatened with serious consequences if China provided assistance that would circumvent sanctions imposed on Moscow.

Chinese exile

On the other hand, the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry denied in detail “those allegations”, stressing that they are not true. He also accused Washington of spreading disinformation.

Interestingly, Beijing has repeatedly refused to condemn the Russian attack, accusing NATO of escalating the conflict after expanding its presence to Eastern Europe.

message to China

On February 24, the Kremlin launched a military operation, which it described as limited, on Ukrainian territory, but it rapidly expanded to reach the south and east of the country, and even the vicinity of the capital, Kiev. Which led to an unprecedented security alert in the region between Moscow and NATO countries.

It also resulted in unprecedented and harsh Western sanctions against the Russians, which included large corporations and banks, politicians and the rich, even exceeding 5,000 sanctions.

Interestingly, US President Joe Biden will call his Chinese counterpart today, in the context of the war consultations in Ukraine, and will send a clear message to China that it will take responsibility for all measures taken to support the Russian attack.

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