Sisi opens her hand "Egyptian army" New food security in Egypt

Today, Thursday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi will inaugurate a new “Egyptian army” unit now entering the market to achieve food security with an investment in excess of £20 billion.

Sisi is inaugurating the second phase of the Silo Foods food city project, one of the integrated industrial systems that make up the Egyptian Armed Forces National Service Agency, located in the city of Sadat on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, about 90 km from Cairo.

The second phase of Silo Foods includes a dairy plant and its processing using the latest equipment from the German company combibloc sig and the Danish company SPX and PRIMODAN.

The plant includes 9 production lines, including 3 lines for the production of cheese (feta), and contains 3 lines for filling bags for white cheeses, producing packages of 250 g and 500 g. The plant also includes 6 production lines for the production sterilized milk (plain, semi-fat and skimmed) and sweetened with flavors (chocolate, strawberry, banana), and contains 3 milk filling lines that produce 125 ml, 200 ml and 1 liter packages, in addition to the ghee filling stage.

The production capacity of the plant is 100.00 tons per year for white cheese production lines, 100.00 tons per year for sterilized milk production lines and 600 tons per year for margarine production lines.

The second phase also included a biscuit dipping and molding factory equipped with the latest dipping and biscuit molding machines and production lines, such as the Swiss company BUHLER and the German company BOCH, which are among the largest companies in the world in this field.

The factory includes 3 production lines, biscuit dipping line, protein bar line and one biscuit molding line, with a production capacity of 7800 tons per year, the production capacity of biscuit lines.

The second stage of the company also included the establishment of a plant for the production of halva and tahini, which are Swiss production lines of the international company BUHLER. The factory includes 5 production lines, a special tahini production line, 3 halva production lines, a halva bar production line, a line halva production line, Halava spread production line, as well as 3 special lines for roasting peanuts and sesame seeds.

The cardboard factory is one of the most important components of this work and it is unique in that for the first time in Egypt there is a cardboard factory with a complete European production line from a Spanish (Macarbox) company, the first in the world in the field of the cardboard industry with a production capacity of 26,500 tons per year.

Silo Foods is affiliated with the National Service Projects Authority and owns 135 acres for its own factories.

In the first phase, 14 wheat elevators with a capacity of 230,000 tons per year, a biscuit factory with a capacity of 68,000 tons, a third pasta factory with a capacity of 151,000 tons, a bakery factory with a capacity of 9,000 tons, a rotary factory with a capacity of 8,000 tons and a duplex factory with a capacity of 6,000 tons.

Source: RT